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There comes a time when your washing machine stops
working at peak performance.

Whether it’s a clogged drain pump, a faulty motor, or an out-of-level machine, you need to fix it.

Washer repairs can be tricky because they involve specialized parts and tools. That’s why we recommend calling a pro for appliance repair in Vancouver.

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If your washer won’t drain, the first thing you should do is check for a clog in the drain hose.

Make sure it’s free of kinks or twists, and run a plumber’s snake through it to clear the stoppage.

Sometimes, coins or other small objects find their way into the hose and can cause problems. You may also need to remove the hose and clean it out.

One way to prevent these clogs is to regularly check your clothing pockets before washing them. This will help you avoid missing socks or other items that can clog your drain.
Another way to keep your machine draining properly is to avoid overloading it. Washers can overwork and break if they’re overloaded with large, heavy loads.
You can also try rebalancing the load by mixing smaller, lighter items of the same fabric type with larger, heavier items to get the most out of your washer. However, this can be a difficult task. Trust the washer repair and appliance repair experts in Vancouver: Vancouver Appliance Repairs can take care of your repairs and leave you with peace of mind!


If you have a faulty motor, Vancouver Appliance Repairs experts are here to help. With our washer repair services as well as licensed and insured technicians, we can replace your motor and get your laundry moving again.

Faulty motors can be caused by a number of factors, including improper maintenance, foreign bodies, and vibrations. Vibration may be caused by a loose bearing or misalignment, or it could be a problem with the motor’s design.

The decision to replace or repair a motor is a complex one that requires a thorough investigation of the failure. By identifying and resolving the root cause, you can prevent the problem from occurring again in the future.

In some cases, the faulty motor can be fixed without replacing it altogether. Depending on how much damage is done, this can be an economic option.

A broken thermal switch between the Gemini dual-drum and the motor may cause this error. The switch opens when the motor gets hot, thereby telling the driver that the motor is overheating and should be stopped immediately.

A faulty motor that is overheating can be easily diagnosed with a simple ohmmeter test. If the resistance reads a large number (usually greater than 1 ohm), this is a sign of a bad thermal switch.

Clogged Pump

The pump on your washing machine is responsible for pumping out water as it flows through the machine. If something is blocking it, your washer may not drain properly.

To check for a clogged pump, you can remove the hose that connects to it and examine it for any obstructions. If you find a blockage, remove it with pliers and reconnect the hose. Trust our Vancouver appliance repair experts to help with this type of washing machine repair.

Another option is to use a plumber’s snake to dislodge the clog. This method can be effective if it’s small, but you may need a professional for appliance repair in Vancouver to deal with deeper clogs.

You can also check your hose for kinks or other issues by putting it into a bucket of water and lowering it slowly to the ground. If the water drains slowly, this indicates a clog in the drain hose.

If none of these options help resolve the clog, you may need to replace the pump. You can buy a new one from your local appliance parts retailer or online. Once you’ve replaced it, reinstall the hose and pump belt.

Faulty Pump Pulley

If your washer is making an obnoxious, high-pitched whining noise when it spins, this may be the result of a faulty water pump pulley. A faulty water pump pulley can cause the water pump to overheat and damage the pump bearings.

This type of repair is a fairly complex job that requires special tools and a technician’s knowledge. Our Vancouver appliance repair experts will help by removing a section of the machine and dismantling it in order to get to the motor.


A faulty drain hose is one of the most common reasons for your washer to fail to drain properly.

It is the hose that connects your washer to the outside drainage pipe, and it can often clog up with small fibers from clothing and other items. If this is the case, the hose needs to be replaced.

There are a few things you can try to fix this issue before calling in a technician. First, inspect your hoses to see if they are bent or damaged. If you notice a bend, try straightening it.

Another option is to vacuum the hose with a shop vac. If there is no water in your vac after vacuuming it, then the hose is clogged and needs to be replaced.
Finally, if your drain hose is still clogged, there may be a kink that is blocking the flow of water. If this is the case, you can use a drain snake to push it free and clear the hose.
Other possible causes of a faulty drain hose include a water inlet valve that isn’t working correctly, or an electrical fault. A faulty water inlet valve can cause the machine to fill with water without telling it to, while a faulty electrical fault can lead to the water pump jamming and the water not draining. Our expert Vancouver appliance repair specialists can come to your location and diagnose these issues to make the necessary washer repairs.


The control panel in your washing machine is an integral component of the appliance. If it gets damaged or faulty, your washing machine will not work properly.

If you suspect that your washing machine has a faulty control panel, there are a few things that you can do to fix it. First of all, you should try to find a professional for washer repair in Vancouver. Our experts with licenses, insurance and years of expertise will know how to diagnose the issue and quickly address the concern.

Another option is to take the washing machine off of power and replace the faulty control panel. However, you should take all precautions while doing this as it can cause some electrical hazards.
After replacing the faulty control board, check to see whether the washer is still working properly. You can do this by using a multimeter and checking for continuity between the terminals on the control board. If you don’t see continuity, then the faulty control board is probably not the problem.

The control panel in your washer can be very tricky to test and repair. If it’s faulty, you may have to replace it altogether. The best way to avoid this is by testing it before you decide to replace it, and of course work with Vancouver’s trusted appliance repair experts.


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